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Our vision is to attain an international recognition as a professional and research-inclined business school given to progressiveness and open to connected community for thought leadership as we strive to exert a profound effect on the business world by helping people to achieve their full abilities.

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A place to for Innovative
& Creative People

The CIML Business School is an institution of higher learning which provides world-class business and management education

for undergraduates, postgraduates, experienced practitioners and professionals and those with career oriented academic and research ambitions, delivering original thinking and teaching, informed by the modern-day commercial environment.​

Why CIML Business School


The CIML Business School uses the latest online teaching tools to deliver a distance learning experience to suit today’s busy working professional, allowing you the flexibility to learn on your own terms, in your own time.


The practical curriculum will accelerate your learning through business simulations, case studies and projects. Which will enable participant to master the acts of business and creative solutions.


Our pragmatic approach to experiential business education with emphasis on the case-study method is proven to effectively prepare students for leadership positions in the modern business world.


An Internationally Recognised qualification enabling practicing Managers and Professional to successfully meet the Challenges of the future.


Education must help learners develop the skills employers need. By providing degree programs relevant to today’s working world.


Merilyn Business School is deeply committed to producing innovative research that is world class both in term of professional excellence and practical impact.

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Advance your Career

We provide world-class business and management education for undergraduates, postgraduates, experienced practitioners and professionals.

CIML Businesss School

Courses offered with 5 world languages and 120 electives.
Countries represented by over 2500 Students.
International Students with 8% under Cultural Council.
Teaching faculty with 80 men and 100 women.

Top Benefit of Studying at a Business School.

Employment is an integral part of your educationBusiness schools offer great attention to the employment needs of their graduates. Many people looking for a career change enrol to business schools to get retrained. If you are in this situation,

 you’ll be happy to know that business schools have large databases of employers. They also promote graduates as potential candidates to companies.
Plus, schools organize periodic job fairs, which are excellent opportunities for meeting potential employers. Make sure you have some work experience before applying to an MBA programme. Job experience is a requirement for admission to a business Master’s.

Because you deserve to shine.

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