Legal Status

CIML Business School is registered in New Mexico USA, as a Global Business School to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate course through accredited Distance Education Methodologies and also through globally affiliated Study Colleges/Centers

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Our vision at CIML Business School

Our vision is to attain an international recognition as a professional and research-inclined business school given to progressiveness and open to connected community for thought leadership as we strive to exert a profound effect on the business world by helping people to achieve their full abilities.​

Our Mission

We are committed to facilitating the development of the business and management careers of our students by drawing on our applied research, practitioner expertise and management development experience to offer a wide range of business and management programmes. We seek to challenge the status quo as we instruct our students to constantly question and found innovative. We design our course modules to enable a diverse community of students, staff and other stakeholders engage with academic, professional, and research communities.

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*To provide popular and highly regarded undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for those in, or aspiring to join, the business and management sector.
*To create a global Management impact through partnership with Local and Foreign Institution

Our Objective

  • To become a key provider of higher education, training and continuing professional development to employers and employees Globally
  • To become a valued research and consultancy resource
  • To become a popular and highly regarded provider of business programmes for the international and transnational education market.
  • To share our findings and to promote networking and collaborations with scholars from across the globe in order to facilitate new research initiatives and to build upon our existing profile.
  • To publish our research in nationally and internationally recognized academic and practitioners’ journ
  • To present key findings in both scholarly and practitioner-oriented books and also at significant academic and practitioner-oriented conferences.

Help us improve

Your valuable suggestions and feedback will help us improve our vision, approach and ethos.
Please contact us using any of the social mediums listed below.